For you the new pleasure off travel...

(Picture: Albert Van Oppens with in the middle his oldest daughter Nicole Van Oppens and left his oldest son Serge Van Oppens in Johannesburg)

I am very proud to see my granddad, Albert Van Oppens, in this early propliner film. At 7,33 min.

'For you the new pleasure of travel. In the latest luxury airlines. Twice as fast. With personnel who squirt its attention is world famous'...

My granddad, we all called him daddy, with his Belgium/French accent. I love it! Its inspiring! Living at that time in London, promoting British airlines. VERY COOL stuff! He became later the general director off Sabena for Africa and Asia and he moved to Johannesburg, Spain as a Here-Consul, Tokyo and New-York. YES it makes me dream! Just like John Lennon “You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will live as one.”

Down this page 1 article and 2 pictures:

Article about my granddag working with...

Picture 1: A Medaille from France to my granddad Albert / Alfhonse Van Oppens

Picture 2: A Décoration of King Boudewijn the king from Belgium to my granddad Albert / Alfhonse Van Oppens:

Baudouin, Roi des Belges, A tous present et a venir salut Voulant, par un témoignage de Notre bienveillance,... Sur la proposition de Notre Ministre des communications Nous avons arrètè et arrètons

Article 1

Monsier Van Oppens, Alphonse, Chef de service, principal à la Sabena, ent nommé chevalier de l'Ordre de Léopold.

Article 2

Il portera la décoration civile prendre rang dans l'ordre à dater du 6 avril 1967

Notre Ministre des affaire étrangères ayant l'administration de l'Orde est chargé de l'exécution du présent arrétè...

And here is a link to a other website: More about how daddy (Albert Van Oppens) helped the The Knights Squash Rackets club in South-Africa.

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