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A cup of tea solves everything

Ahhh . . . Brings back memories of the most delicious tea I had with my grandma as little girl. . . One sunday afternoons when we visit her... We drunk our typical English tea that she got from her times in London. In this very small cutie cups that she filled with milk, hot water and lots of sucre. Ssssst I know it's poison now... But it's such a sweet child memorie! My brother kept the teapot and I kept the teacups! There is this saying 'The secret of a balanced life is a cup of tea in one hand and a book in the other'. I believe its a truth. It's soooo peaceful! I try to change my habit now into green tea and teach this to my daughter. That she will have her one nice tea memories one day to! Its a big tradition. Ginger tea is very healthy! I need to try that more! Dear always remember if something is going one 'keep calm and drink a cup of tea' ;-)

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